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We’ve been on board with this project from the get-go and were able to help the team at Delawonder realize their vision, shaping their ideas into a brand identity that reflects their goals.

Who is Delawonder?

Delawonder is a project supporting the communities of Southern Delaware, specifically Lewes and Rehoboth Beach. Their aim was to create an engaging and visually attractive website that acts as a visitor guide, showcasing the cultural and natural attractions in the area and highlighting the numerous walking and cycling trails.

How did we help them?

As a client, Delawonder utilized a comprehensive range of Breeez’s services, from web design and copywriting to branding and graphic design.

When Delawonder first approached us at Breeez, they were without a name but with a clear goal — to engage the community and highlight the numerous attractions in the Delaware region. Through our branding package, we helped them devise the perfect name — Delawonder. As Delaware is known as the ‘small wonder’, we decided to pay homage to this nickname and incorporate it into the name of the brand.

According to legend, Delaware is often referred to as the ‘diamond state’, largely because Thomas Jefferson described it as a ‘jewel among the states’. We wanted to reflect this in the Delawonder logo, so opted for a diamond shape as a nod to this rich history.

Once we had established their brand identity, our web designers began work on the Delawonder website. In contrast to a conversion-driven site, this site would be created to act and look like a visitor guide, integrating large images to engage users and showcase the beauty of Southern Delaware. The client also wanted to include a mapping feature that visually highlighted key attractions throughout the region. This feature was designed to be flexible, allowing us to amend with new accommodations, amenities, and activities so that the site offers an up-to-date look at what is available in the area.

Once the website design was complete, we scheduled a multi-phase launch for the site. This approach allowed us to monitor user responses and make relevant adjustments based on their feedback so that the site offers the best user experience possible. We maintained constant communication with the client at all times, providing timely updates on the status of the project.

This site is unique in that its success isn’t measured by the improvement in leads, conversions, and cost-per-click; the true marker of success is in how the site benefits the local community. This site will be supported by local billboards and a partnership with Delaware Wildlands which will help to grow awareness.

The team at Delawonder was thrilled with our work and, due to the success of this project, has decided to continue their partnership with us. They have now signed on to develop three additional brands with us, and we’re excited to watch the ongoing growth and development of this project and relationship.

“The Delawonder project was a large undertaking. We were fortunate to work with Adtrak and Breeez on the brand and web development portion of this venture as they really took the time to understand our objectives. Adtrak provided a timeline so that everyone knew when things were required and would be delivered. Their team was very creative when we were developing the brand. Due to the success of Delawonder, we have decided to continue our partnership and have signed on to develop three additional brands with them.”
- Meghan

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