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How Can PPC Strategically Strengthen Your SEO Efforts?


When planning digital marketing strategies, many people make the mistake of treating PPC and SEO as two entirely different entities. While PPC provides visibility on search engine results straight away through paid clicks, SEO offers enduring results that can take time to appear. 

So, which one would suit your business’s marketing strategy best? Think of PPC as a sprint race, quickly getting you to your destination, whereas SEO is more of a marathon and a test of endurance. Do you focus on immediate results or invest in longevity? 

Fortunately, this isn’t an either/or situation, and you can actually combine both of these approaches to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that best suits the needs of your business. By implementing SEO and PPC together, you can increase visibility on SERPs, leading to more clicks and more brand exposure. But how does PPC help to strengthen your SEO efforts even further? The experts here at Breeez are here to help.

Immediate insights into keywords

To appear in more relevant SERPs and make an impact, you must be targeting the right keywords. However, as SEO takes time to show results, it can be tricky to know if the keywords you’re targeting are actually effective. 

Thankfully, PPC allows you to see immediately which keywords are driving traffic and which aren’t. This means there’s no more waiting around for results and you can react quickly and tailor your SEO efforts based on these findings. Furthermore, PPC can be used to identify additional common keywords and phrases that you may not have considered so that you can strategically incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

If you’ve got a keyword that is struggling to rank organically or is being overshadowed by a competitor, PPC can also help to bridge visibility gaps on the SERPs.

Identify which ad copy works

The beauty of PPC ads is that they can reach substantial amounts of traffic in a short amount of time. So how does this help to improve ad copy? Well, it means you can trial different variations of content and ad copy to see what people respond to most – essentially, this traffic will act as your virtual lab rats! This allows you to assess which messaging is proving most appealing to both new and potential customers and modify your SEO strategy accordingly.

Get to know your audience

The more you know about your audience, the more you can target your marketing strategy to appeal to their specific needs. PPC is a valuable tool in this mission and can provide important insights into location and device performance.

With their precise geo-targeting, PPC ads can help you to reach more local leads. You can also monitor conversions across different locations and see how the search volumes for different services vary between different areas, meaning you appropriately optimize your SEO efforts. You can also gain an insight into how customers respond to your site on different devices. Is your PC site performing well or are more users visiting your site on mobile devices?


So there we have it – PPC offers immediate results that can prove extremely valuable when planning and managing your SEO approach. With the help of PPC, your digital marketing strategy will be well informed and backed by data. This holistic way of working can improve your content, help you understand and target your audience better, and set your business up for long-term success.


As a full-service digital marketing agency, the team at Breeez boasts experts in both SEO and PPC. We utilize a multidisciplinary way of working to ensure your business achieves the best possible results. To discuss how we can help to strengthen your SEO strategy in more detail, get in touch with our friendly team today.