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Meet our Director, Ian Cromie


We conducted an interview with Ian, our Director at Breeez, to find out more about the move to Charlotte and what Breeez brings to the table.

Interview with Ian

Tell me a fun fact about yourself.

“l used to fly a hot air balloon for a brewery.”

As a soon-to-be resident of the beautiful city of Charlotte, what are you most looking forward to?

“Finding a house, settling down, becoming active, and enjoying living within a community.”

Why is it important for local businesses to prioritize digital marketing practices?

“A digital presence is critical when looking for new customers. Nowadays, consumers and businesses do online research into what they are looking for before contacting a potential supplier. If your website and digital marketing don’t reflect your business, then you will miss out.”

What is something unique that Breeez brings to the digital marketing landscape in Charlotte?

“We focus on lead generation and performance. Our “Location Dynamics” software drives strong conversion rates by allowing our websites to dynamically change and look into local audiences depending on where the user is.”

Lastly, what has been your favorite part of your trips to Charlotte thus far?

“Finally finding offices for our new business, and attending the inaugural soccer game for Charlotte FC!”


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