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Why Is Google My Business So Important for Local Businesses?


These days, ensuring your business has an online presence is essential. However, having a website to display your products and services is just the beginning. 

You should also make sure that you have a detailed Google My Business listing that provides customers with key information about your company, as well as showcasing your services. 

Google uses the location of someone to display the most relevant results, and with a Google My Business listing your business can feature in the search results of potential customers in your local area. This will also include contact details and direct links to your website.

In this blog, we’ll explore why a Google My Business account is so important for local businesses.

What can you add to a Google My Business account?

A Google My Business account will allow you to display a whole host of core details about your business. This includes:

  • Business name
  • Location 
  • Phone number 
  • Type of business
  • Areas of coverage 
  • Website link 
  • Opening hours 
  • Description of business
  • Photos
  • Products 
  • Services 
  • A link to make appointments

All of the above can be incorporated into your Google My Business profile. Google will then use the listing in their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), meaning if someone nearby searches for a product or business you provide, it will show up. 

What are the benefits of a Google My Business listing?

There are a whole host of benefits of having a Google My Business profile set up.

This can include the following:

A verified business profile 

When you set up a Google My Business account, you will need to verify it. Verification will ensure all the details provided are correct, and will prevent anyone else gaining access to your account and adding incorrect information. 

Verification is very straightforward, and you’ll normally be sent a card that includes a verification code that you need to input for the profile to be confirmed. 

A verified listing will make your company look ‘official’ when potential customers are browsing online, providing your organization with enhanced credibility.

Online exposure 

UK research company BrightLocal conducted a study of Google My Business insights and found that, on average, a local business will receive 1,260 views per month – 943 on Search and 317 on Maps. This is a lot of views on your profile that you will not be receiving if you do not have a listing in place, and even if just a fraction turn into leads or conversions, it could be extremely lucrative. 

Google My Business profiles focus primarily on location, and so are a great way to reach more people.

Increased calls

The same study found that 16% of businesses receive more than 100 calls per month directly from their Google My Business listing. 

In addition to this, 64% of consumers use Google My Business to find the address or phone number of a local business. 

A free reviews platform 

If you have a Google My Business profile set up, it means you can receive and display customer reviews for free.

Customer reviews are a great way for potential customers to trust your company and find out more about what you do from people who have previously utilized your business. 

Reviews will show up automatically, and you can even send links to previous customers to ask them to provide you with a review. 

As well as this, if you receive any negative reviews, you can directly reply to them. This will show that you’re a conscientious and responsible business that cares about your customers’ experience.     

Where does a Google My Business profile appear?

There are three areas where a Google My Business profile shows up. Let’s take a look at where these are.

The Knowledge Panel

The right-hand side of a desktop search or the top of a mobile search is known as the knowledge panel. 

This appears when you’ve directly searched for a company name, or searched for a service or product that you offer along with the location in which you’re based. This panel will show all of the information on that business listing. 

The main benefit of this is that the website link, directions, full address, opening hours and phone numbers will all be displayed. 

The Maps Pack

A Maps Pack will come up when lots of businesses in the area show as being related to what has been searched for.

It will display a map and three business listings with a bit of information on each. Google is frequently changing the listings that are shown on the Maps Pack, but usually, you’ll see opening hours, phone numbers, the main location, and reviews. 

Google Maps  

In a similar way to how Maps Packs work, Google My Business listings will also appear on Google Maps. When they’re clicked on, you will see all the information on their listing as well as a list of other businesses nearby. 


Tips for enhancing your Google My Business 

If you have a Google My Business account set up, it’s important not to neglect it and ensure it remains up to date. Follow the below tips to learn how to best enhance your profile.

Make sure your information remains correct 

If any information related to your business changes, it’s important that it’s promptly amended and updated on your Google My Business listing. 

Google is also regularly reviewing its Google My Business features, so be sure to check in regularly to see if you can add any more information to your profile. 

Add lots of photos 

You can also add photos to your Google My Business profile, and this is something you should do as much as possible. 

Customers typically want to discover all they can about a company before deciding to purchase. In fact, Google states that businesses with imagery receive 42% more requests and leads compared to those that don’t. The statistics also show that they receive 35% more clicks when photos feature on the listing. 

Use the ‘posts’ feature for updates and events 

On your Google My Business listing, you can also include information on events and company updates by utilizing the ‘posts’ feature. 

So, if you have a new product or service that you want to promote, this is a great way to do so. These posts will appear alongside your other business information. 


If you need support with your Google My Business or need one setting up, Breeez is here to help. As part of our range of leading digital marketing services, we can ensure you have a Google My Business profile that works for you and best showcases your business. We’re based in Charlotte, North Carolina, so get in touch with our team today to learn more.